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List of Prescriptions and Request Refills
Step 2 If you selected List Available Prescriptions this list will display
only those prescriptions that have refills available.
If you selected View Patient History this list will display a list
of prescriptions, both available and not available for refill.
In either case, this list will display a maximum of 50 prescriptions.

Select the prescriptions you wish to submit a refill request for.
You can do this by checking the box and/or clicking anywhere on the line.

Select which site you would like the scripts be available at/from by
changing the 'Be Filled At' field.*

Set how you would like the prescriptions be received.**

Set the date and time for when you would like the prescriptions available by.***

Optionally enter a note for the pharmacy.
Talk to your pharmacy if you have questions about special notes they can accept.

Submit the request.

* - Be Filled At will only display if the pharmacy has multiple locations and
the pharmacy allows this option.

** - The options available here may change from time to time.

*** - Some pharmacies allow only the selection of date or time, or neither.
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