RxRefill4U Help
Request Option and Security Info Entry
Step 1 Available Options Are:
List Available Prescriptions - View a list of prescriptions available for refill
View Patient History - View a list of all prescriptions
Get Drug Information* - View the drug information for a particular prescription
Change Password**

A Username or a Prescription # is required to be entered along with
a Phone Number or Password.

Your pharmacy may not accept the use of a Username; if so, the username
field will not be displayed on the form. Usernames are assigned by the
pharmacy. If you forgot your username or you haven't been assigned one,
please call your pharmacy.

Your pharmacy may only accept either a phone number or only a password.
If so, the text on the form will reflect that.

* - Drug Information provided by RxRefill4U is for reference only.
If you have questions about your prescription, please call your pharmacy or doctor.
** - This option may not be available for your pharmacy.
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